CCTV/Drainage Vehicle Buyers Guide

How to understand what is required from the marketplace?

I believe the best starting point is to familiarise yourself with the 'bibles' of the CCTV surveying business:-

Drain Repair Book - Manual of Sewer Condition Classification

  • Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection – 2nd Edition published in March 2005 (Order Code: DUS026X, ISBN # - 1 898920 56 7)
  • Manual of Sewer Condition Classification – 4th Edition published in January 2004 (Order Code: DUS021X, ISBN # - 1 898920 50 8)
  • The Drain Repair Book – 2nd Edition published in December 2005
    (Order Code: DUS028x, ISBN # - 1 898920 89 1)


These publications are available from:

WRc Publications - (Alternatively, you can call 01793 865069 or 01793 865012)

For any contractor covering both domestic (private drainage) and strategic CCTV surveys I advise you to obtain all three publications. I would recommend any new business be familiar with all three ‘bibles’.

So, what’s in these bibles?

The Model Contract Document For Sewer Condition Inspection 2nd Edition (MCDSCI2) includes updated CCTV vehicle specifications, the requirements for carrying flow control, traffic signs, cones, barriers etc.

I have also included brief information of the other two ‘bibles’ although they don’t have a direct impact on the type of vehicle you use.

In the Manual Of Sewer Condition Classification 4 (MSCC4) you have all of the condition codes used in the UK. The codes used in the UK (4th Edition) have been adapted to the UK national equivalent codes and appear in BS EN 13508-2 (CEN 2003).

The MSCC4 also covers the basics of CCTV inspection as well as guidance on the use of the coding system for condition inspection of manholes.

The Drain Repair Book 2nd Edition is made up of four sections; guidance on the inspection and condition assessment of drains, a specification for the repair of drains, a materials specification for cured-in-place pipe repair systems and guidance on septic tanks. The code set (Appendix A) used in the Drain Repair Book 2nd Edition is a simplified code set from the MSCC4.


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